Warning Lights
Some places advertise free check engine light diagnostics. Be
aware that this usually means they are using a code reader and
are using just the trouble codes to determine what the problem is
with your vehicle. If your vehicle has a oxygen sensor code, that
does not mean the oxygen sensor is bad. That just means
something on that circuit is bad. It could be the sensor, the wiring
from the computer to the sensor, the computer, or anything in
between. We use dedicated scan tools that are vehicle specific.
Unlike code readers our scan tool gives us data the computer is
seeing. We can operate different computer controls or force the
computer to run tests right from our scan tool. When you come to
us for a warning light or driveability problem we actually test the
troubled circuit and confirm what the problem is before hanging
parts. On intermittent problems we can take a movie of what the
computer is seeing while driving your car. We then can view this
information on a computer back at the shop.
What You Need to Know About Free Check
Engine Light Diagnostics......
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